General Dentistry

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Professional, on time, experienced dental care for your entire family.

We use 3D scanning technology and high level digital photography to create treatment plans to help you achieve your optimum dental outcome.

Our goal is to keep you away from painful and emergency style dentistry and enjoying life with healthy teeth.

We provide all patients with a comprehensive treatment plan complete with digital images and exact costings.  This allows you to schedule your dental needs at a rate that suits you and your budget.

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Grinding & Clenching (Bruxism)

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Studies show that up to 50% of the population suffer from bruxism or tooth grinding and clenching.

We see various symptoms in our patients ranging from headaches, neck aches, tooth wear and abfraction (tooth structure missing at the gumline).

If you have any of these symptoms or you have noticed your teeth chipping or getting shorter then we recommend the use of a protective nightguard sometimes called a splint.

Modern 3D scanning techniques allow us to create a device that fits perfectly on your teeth without the use of gooey impressions. The device is made as small as possible and is extremely comfortable to wear.

This protects your teeth at night and often resolves many of the symptoms our patients experience.

If muscular hyperactivity continues, we sometimes recommend the use of Botox to reduce this muscular activity.

If this sounds like you then contact our friendly team to schedule an appointment with our dental team.

The Emergency Dental Appointment

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At 818 Dental our team will never turn you away if you have an issue that requires immediate attention.

We allocate time slots devoted to emergency treatment every working day so you can rest assured that if you are in need, we will see you and get you out of trouble.

Our dentists treatment plan comprehensively and our patients feel secure in the knowledge that once their teeth have been restored expertly the need for emergency treatment is a rare event.

Our dentists even offer our regular patients the courtesy of access to their personal mobile numbers. We have found that such events are so rare that they are happy to field emergency enquiries on the odd occasion. It’s all part of taking great care of our patients.

If you have a dental issue that cannot wait don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at 818 Dental.

Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal therapy is needed when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay or infection.  In order to save the tooth, the pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth), nerves, bacteria, and any decay are removed and the resulting space is filled with special, medicated, dental materials, which restore the tooth to its full function.

Having a root canal done on a tooth is the treatment of choice to save a tooth that otherwise would die and have to be removed.  Many patients believe that removing a tooth that has problems is the solution, but what is not realized is that extracting (pulling) a tooth will ultimately be more costly and cause significant problems for adjacent teeth.

Root canal treatment is highly successful and usually lasts a lifetime, although on occasion, a tooth will have to be retreated due to new infections

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What does root canal therapy involve?

A root canal procedure requires one or more appointments and can be performed by a dentist or endodontist (a root canal specialist).

While the tooth is numb, a rubber dam (a sheet of rubber) will be placed around the tooth to keep it dry and free of saliva.  An access opening is made on top of the tooth and a series of root canal files are placed into the opening, one at a time, removing the pulp, nerve tissue, and bacteria.  If tooth decay is present, it will also be removed with special dental instruments.

Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, it will be sealed with either a permanent filling or, if additional appointments are needed, a temporary filling will be placed.

At the next appointment, usually a week later, the roots and the inside cavity of the tooth will be filled and sealed with special dental materials.  A filling will be placed to cover the opening on top of the tooth.  In addition, all teeth that have root canal treatment should have a crown (cap) placed.  This will protect the tooth and prevent it from breaking, and restore it to its full function.

After treatment, your tooth may still be sensitive, but this will subside as the inflammation diminishes and the tooth has healed.

You will be given care instructions after each appointment.  Good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits will aid in the life of your root canal treatment.

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Dental Fillings

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At 818 Dental we only use first class composite resin filling materials to rebuild decayed and broken-down teeth.

Composite resin is a tooth coloured material that is bonded to your teeth. It seals the teeth better than traditional old style amalgam fillings and does not contain mercury.

We should probably add that they look a whole lot better and if placed expertly last as long as any other material available on the market.

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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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If you have pain on biting hard foods like grainy breads or nuts you may have a cracked tooth.

If left for an extended period of time this tooth may need root canal treatment due to bacteria getting through the cracks into the pulp of the tooth.

A crown is the prescribed treatment for cracked teeth and will solve the problem quickly in a majority of cases, avoiding the need for root canal treatment which may still be necessary in rare cases.

The sooner you act the more likely you are to save the nerve in your tooth and avoid the root canal treatment.

So, if you are having difficulty or it is painful biting on hard foods contact our friendly team for an appointment to assess the problem.

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