Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to make an appointment please call 9509 1883, use the form on our contact us page or email us at

At 818 Dental payment is made on the day of service. We accept a range of payment options including cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS and HICAPS — a service that makes claiming your health fund rebate infinitely easier.

For finance options linked to your existing treatment plan, please contact us.

Conveniently we are also able to offer flexible interest free terms through MoneyMe+

We require 48 hours notice for any changes to your appointment. This allows us sufficient time to offer newly available appointment times to our other patients.

We understand that some circumstances are unavoidable and do arise on short notice – for this reason we will only charge a broken appointment fee if we are unable to fill the appointment that had been allocated to you.

Parking is conveniently located in the side street of Auburn Grove with 2 Hour Free Parking or on High Street. Please observe the parking signs.

Alternatively, there is a tram stop directly out the front of the clinic

  • Tram Route 6, Stop 39

or Armadale Train Station is just a 500 meter walk to our door.

We really enjoy creating a great patient experience. This starts with a warm greeting once in our reception, followed by a digital check-in via iPad. If you prefer, new patient records can be completed online before you attend.

We pride ourselves on running smoothly as we value your time, so upon your arrival our practitioners will be with you promptly.

Your first appointment will include a full examination of your mouth with the dentist and opportunity to talk through your treatment goals.

We will ask some questions to learn your dental history and needs. If you have any treatment concerns, we will guide you through your options.

Then comes time for your physical dental health check, which will include a scan/ oral pictures of your mouth to gain a fuller picture as well as a general oral examination. This may include a teeth cleaning, polish and fluoride treatment with the hygienist to leave your teeth feeling extra fresh and clean.

At the front desk we will finalise any payments and paperwork, and can help you book any future appointments if required. We recommend that a general check-up/ hygiene visit takes place every three to six months to stay on top of optimal teeth and gum health.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel any nervousness before your appointment. Your comfort is our team’s priority.

From your first appointment we will design a personalised treatment plan to address any areas of concern or requests. This will cover an estimated timeline of treatment, the processes involved, and the associated costs.

This can be provided to you in written form for added clarity. If there are multiple options for how to proceed, we will talk through these with you.

Our treatment plans are based on our expertise and experiences in the dental industry, but we also make it a priority to accommodate your preferences.

At 818 Dental we only use composite resin filling materials. Composite resin is tooth coloured and comes in various shades so we can match the colour to your existing tooth structure.

It also allows us to be more conservative during the restorative process as it is chemically bonded to the tooth, unlike amalgam which is kept in place by mechanically locking the material into the tooth.

In recent times there have been many investigations into the use of amalgam in dentistry as a result of continuing controversy over the toxicity of amalgam filling material. However, no conclusive evidence suggests that they are detrimental to your health once they have been placed in the mouth.

At 818 Dental we only replace old amalgam fillings when they are leaking or fractured, or if specifically requested by our patients.

Our practitioners are extremely careful to ensure you appointment is as pain-free as possible.

If required, we use the latest anaesthetic technology available, and if you have experienced trouble with going numb previously, we encourage you to notify us.

For patients with this issue, we normally request you come in 15-30 minutes prior to your appointment so we can factor in adequate time for the anaesthetic to start working.

It is safe to whiten your teeth, so long as it is done under the supervision of your dentist.

There has been much controversy over the last few years regarding the strength of the gels allowed to be administered for take home treatments. Initially, dentists were restricted to using low percentage whitening gels but the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has since revoked this regulation, allowing us to again provide our patients with stronger treatments.

At 818 Dental we closely assess and monitor the whitening process for our patients to ensure they do not encounter any adverse effects.

There are several treatment options available for patients who are prone to snoring or have sleep apnoea. We recommend that a sleep study is conducted to assess the severity of this issue before exploring the available treatments.

If you would like to organise a sleep study (these can be done at a clinic or at home), please phone our practice and one of our practitioners can arrange a referral for you.

Yes! In fact, it is recommended.

During pregnancy, oral health can decline, leading to plaque and tartar build up and gum disease such as gingivitis. It is very important to maintain your oral health whilst pregnant as it is an aspect of your health that can often be neglected once the baby arrives.

A dental hygienist works alongside dentists and specialists. Dental Hygienists complete a Bachelor Degree at University and are trained specifically to treat and maintain your oral health. In particular, the health of your gums, which are the supporting structures for your teeth.

They are able to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. They are also trained to place sealants, take radiographs, perform whitening treatments and give anaesthetic.

At 818 Dental the hygienists perform the majority of our recall appointments and are an invaluable addition to our practice.

We do our utmost to ensure our patients, as well as our team, are protected from cross-contamination of any kind.

All of our instruments undergo a rigorous disinfection process and are then sterilised to ensure they meet the standards set out by the ADA.

Our staff attend infection control courses frequently to ensure they stay up to date with new regulations. See our COVID section for COVID procedures.

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