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It’s our mission to make your cosmetic dream a reality.”

So you have decided you want a new smile but have some questions and you are not sure who to trust.

Our 818 Cosmetic Dentist Armadale team have changed the smiles of hundreds of happy customers over the years and most return twice a year to have our gentle Dental Hygienists keep them in peak condition.

It all starts with an appointment with one of our experienced dentists who will take digital images of your concerns, necessary x-rays and a 3D scan for planning and further discussion.

This data allows us to cater a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and helps us plan to provide you with an amazing outcome.

We take the time to listen to our patients so that all their concerns are addressed.

The best part of our cosmetic enhancement process is that you have the opportunity to modify the outcome at every step of the way.

Next, we arrange to meet and discuss your plan with digital models and images. Once you are satisfied with the plan, we then make an appointment to prepare the teeth for their new restorations and temporary versions are made and fitted.

At this point we encourage you to show your partner, friends and loved ones and return for any modifications before the final restorations are put into production.

Once we have all agreed on the final shape and colour we can 3D scan the temporary restorations and have our lab copy them as they make the final restorations.

In the end we have taken you through a series of steps to ensure that you love the final restorations—we try them in and then cement them with a permanent cement.

All that’s left to do is to enjoy your new smile!

If this sounds right for you, call our friendly team for an appointment or book online now.

We are conveniently located at 818 High St, Armadale with easy access from the nearby suburbs of  Malvern, Toorak, Glen Iris, Prahran, Port Melbourne and Caulfield.

Dental Crowns

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“Crowns are the strongest and most secure way to rebuild your tooth and many crowns last in excess of 20 years.”

A dental crown, otherwise known as a cap, is a laboratory manufactured restoration that completely encapsulates the tooth.

At 818 Dental we use Zirconium, an exceptionally strong tooth-coloured ceramic for our crowns. (check out Dr. Lloyd’s youtube video below to see just how strong these really are.)

Dental crowns are designed to strengthen teeth that have become discoloured, fractured, decayed or have been heavily filled. They also provide extra support to teeth that have undergone a root canal treatment. They can also be used to create that perfect smile.

What’s involved?

First we prepare the tooth by reducing and shaping it to receive the crown. Then, (and here’s the best bit) no gooey impressions in your mouth because we use a state of the art 3D scanner to transmit the information to our lab. Once the information has been emailed to our lab, they expertly manufacture your new all-ceramic crown. We create and fit a temporary crown at the end of this appointment to protect the remaining tooth whilst the permanent crown is being manufactured by our lab.

The insert appointment involves removing the temporary crown and fitting the permanent crown onto your tooth with dental cement.

The materials and techniques we use to create dental crowns are now so advanced that we can create a tooth that is not only extremely strong, but is aesthetically identical to the natural tooth structure.

The 3D scanning technology chooses the appropriate colour for your new crown ensuring that it blends naturally with your other teeth.

For further information about dental crowns, or any other restorative dental work, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at 818 Dental Armadale, Melbourne.

How tough are our crowns? Click the image above to find out.

Dental Bridges

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bridge vs implant

When replacing a missing tooth, your best option is either a bridge or an implant. (information regarding implants can be found below)

A bridge is a series of ceramic crowns fused together, that are cemented to the teeth on either side of the space where the missing tooth used to be.

A bridge is fixed (not removable) and is extremely durable. Many bridges can last in excess of 20 years if they are maintained and looked after.

The process of creating a bridge is similar to that of a crown. The tooth is prepared and a 3D scan is taken of the remaining teeth to create a model of your mouth (no old school gooey impression material). These scans are sent to our dedicated laboratory and the bridge is made to fit your teeth. You need to return a few weeks later to fit and cement the bridge.

We typically recommend a bridge over an implant when the adjacent teeth are heavily restored and need crowns, or if a patient is not comfortable with the surgery required to place an implant.

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Dental Implants

We plan, surgically place and restore implants all right here at 818 Dental!

At 818 Dental we like to think of implants as a last resort.

It is always better to retain your own tooth, but occasionally this is not possible for a host of reasons. (Decay, fractured, trauma etc…)


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If a tooth or teeth are lost then replacement options range from:

1. Denture-a plate that is removable

2. Bridge—looks like two crowns with a tooth suspended between and is secured to the teeth on either side of the new space

3. Implant—a titanium screw fused to the jawbone with a crown attached.

Pros & Cons Of Replacement Options 

Denture: Low Cost-Quick-Non invasive

Bridge: Medium Cost-Quick-Lost tooth structure

Implant: Highest Cost-Slow-Surgical placement required

image of dental bridge versus dental implant

If you decide to proceed with an implant after your tooth is removed the journey starts with a referral for you to get a 3D scan of your jaw called a CBCT scan. Following this, you’ll see our in-house specialist Dr Nabil Ishak.
With Dr Ishak’s 30 years experience in surgical dentistry, he is able to review, plan, and place the implant right here at 818 Dental – there is no longer a need to wait 3 months or longer to see an outside specialist!

Dr Ishak is able to review the CBCT scan to determine how much bone we have to place the implant. Sometimes there isn’t enough bone and grafting is required but that would be discussed during your consultation.

Once the appropriate bone is deemed to be available the implant is surgically placed in-chair at 818 Dental. Of course while this surgery is most frequently done in a dental chair, if you are anxious then sedation in a hospital setting is an option with a specialist periodontist.

Then you will need to wait 10-12 weeks for the implant to integrate with the bone and then you return again for a 3D scan to send to our dental ceramist to create your new crown.

The implant crown is then permanently attached to your implant via a screw mechanism and a matching tooth coloured filling seals the top of the crown invisibly guaranteeing future access if required.

If it is an implant that you require please give our friendly team a call to arrange an assessment.

photo of dental implant

Dental Veneers

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“The best thing you can put on is your smile. It’s your greatest asset.”

Dental Veneers are thin layers of porcelain which are bonded to the front surface of the tooth by one of our Cosmetic Dentist Armadale team. They are an excellent, cost-effective way of:

· Closing up minor gaps between your teeth.

· Correcting the appearance of minor misalignments.

· Restoring broken teeth.

· Improving the appearance of a discoloured tooth.

Why Choose Porcelain Veneers?

For the treatment of minor defects, veneers are far less costly and less invasive than alternative modes of treatment such as crowns or orthodontics, and produce much faster results. That said, the preparatory process does involve removal of some of the natural tooth, and should only be entrusted to a skilled clinician. Your 818 Dentist will discuss all these aspects with you, and has extensive training and experience in porcelain veneer treatments.

What’s involved? 

The procedure is similar to having a crown fitted. First teeth are prepared and 3D scanned—again no gooey impressions at all. Then the information is emailed directly to our expert laboratory where the veneers are made. You leave your appointment with a set of temporary veneers. The veneers are fitted at your next appointment with super strong dental cements.

Veneers are very durable restorations especially when combined with a night guard. Most veneers will last 9-10 years if appropriately maintained but many in our experience have lasted far longer.

If you’d like to discuss your smile in more detail, call our team at 818 Dental Armadale today or book your consultation with our Cosmetic Dentist Armadale team online now.

Tooth Whitening

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“Tooth Whitening is the safest and most cost effective way to give your smile the boost it needs.”

Teeth whitening is one of the best ways to enhance your natural smile and at 818 Dental, it is one of our most requested cosmetic treatments. Teeth whitening can transform a smile to look brighter and rejuvenated. At 818 Dental we offer both in-chair whitening and take home whitening and all of our clinicians are trained in their use. 

What causes tooth discolouration?

There are many factors but the most common are stains from  drinking coffee, tea, red wine and smoking. Years of accumulation can leave your smile looking dull and discoloured.

Another factor may be tooth defects like fluorosis and damage to tooth development through certain medications. In these cases, your 818 dentist may suggest alternative treatment options to better suit your needs. 

What are my options?

Take-home teeth whitening kit:

This kit contains custom made teeth whitening trays and Philips ZOOM take home gel so you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.  We take impressions for your clear trays so they are a perfect fit for your teeth and allow for a very precise whitening application. 

We know how excited our patients can be to whiten their teeth so we make sure your whitening trays can be ready for you to pick up within a few days. 

Take home whitening generally takes between 3-14 daily applications of around 30 mins each day. This method is for patients who prefer to manage their own whitening process as while it is a lengthier process, it offers you control of how many applications you want to do. 

In-chair teeth whitening:

At 818 Dental, we provide the Philips ZOOM teeth whitening treatment. Our patients are usually able to achieve many shades whiter in just 90 minutes! 

Your treatment starts with your 818 clinician checking your current shade, so you can both see the dramatic difference after your treatment is complete.

They will then prepare your mouth for whitening and will apply a layer of whitening gel to your teeth. To speed up the whitening process, they’ll shine the WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp onto your teeth. This is repeated three to four times or until you’ve reached your desired shade. 

In chair whitening is a more costly investment compared to the home kit but it is ideal for patients who want a fast and dramatic result and to be closely looked after by a dental professional. 

Both methods involve a consultation to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment – this can be done during your 6-monthly preventative care appointment with one of our friendly dental hygienists. 

How white will my teeth become?

This depends on:

  • The colour of your original teeth
  • Your expectations and preferences 
  • Adherence to aftercare instructions 
  • The concentration of gel used (whether the stronger in chair gel is used or the lower concentration take home gel)

For more information about tooth whitening options or any other procedures, please call our 818 Dental Armadale team or book your appointment online today.

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