after cosmetic dentistry armadale work 2before cosmetic dentist armadale work 2

This patient's partner sent him to us to improve his smile. Whilst happy to oblige his partner's wishes, this patient also wanted to keep within budget.

We rebuilt his front six upper teeth using direct resin veneers with deliberate colour variation to blend with his un-restored lower teeth.

After dental crowns photobefore dental crowns photo
after aligning teethbefore aligning teeth

This patient was self conscious about how her upper teeth looked.

We used ceramic crowns to rejuvenate her smile.

after photo cosmetic dentistrybefore cosmetic dentistry

This patient didn't like the way his teeth looked anymore.

We whitened them using our Zoom in-chair whitening process and then bonded composite resin where needed to protect and strengthen his teeth.

after clear aligners photobefore orthodontics photo

This patient wanted her lower teeth straightened but didn't want to wear braces.

We used clear aligners to achieve this in less than 12 weeks.

after smile stylerbefore smile styler

This patient wanted to straighten her lower teeth-a very common request in adults.

This was completed in 6 weeks with Clear Aligners (and no braces).

after cosmetic dentist armadale workbefore cosmetic dentist armadale work

This patient wanted to address her discoloured old veneers and was concerned about her upper teeth crowding.

Her treatment was completed in 2 stages. We used Clear Aligners initially, to straighten her upper teeth (12 weeks) and then we placed 10 upper crowns which replaced her aged veneers and reinforced her worn and weakened back teeth.

repaired broken teethbroken teeth
after dental hygienist cleanbefore dental hygienist clean
clean teethdirty teeth
after dental crowns photo 2before dental crowns photo

This patient wanted to repair his chipped and worn teeth.

We used Zirconium Crowns to restore his smile.

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