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Kids Dentistry

Keeping our kids’ teeth cared for can be a stressful business. Many dental practices are intimidating places for children, and a child who is apprehensive about dental care is a difficult child to treat. At 818 Dental in Armadale, we are set up to provide gentle dental care for all the family – and that includes the kids!

We have caring practitioners and staff who endeavour to make your child’s appointment comfortable and fun.

We have a range of strategies to put children at their ease. For instance, we encourage our patients to allow their children to watch their own hygiene appointments. We find this helps kids to feel comfortable at the dentist and to be confident about their first visit.

We recommend organising your childrens’ first dentist appointment around the age of four. At this early age most kids’ teeth need little attention, and this helps make their initial dental experience a positive one.

In preparation for your child’s first appointment, please print out the form below, fill it out and bring it along.

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