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Periodontics & Dental Hygiene

We have recruited three of the most highly skilled periodontists / hygienists to join our team. If you live in or near Armadale, a regular visit to an 818 Dental hygienist will ensure that your oral health is monitored and maintained, and that problems that may require the assistance of a periodontist are detected as early as possible.

Dental Hygienists train at university specifically to improve or maintain oral health. They assess, monitor and treat the disease processes that can often affect our gums. The treatments they provide range from routine scaling and cleaning to deeper cleaning below the gum level.

Our dental hygienists provide our patients with a painless oral hygiene experience. We have a range of topical and local anaesthetics available for those extra sensitive teeth to ensure that our patients are comfortable at all times. It is our number one priority to always provide our patients with the best quality care!

The majority of our Armadale patients and many from around Melbourne routinely have their teeth cleaned by our hygiene department once every six months. During each hygiene appointment your teeth and gums will be examined by your dentist and at the conclusion, you will be provided with an 818 Dental show bag filled with the implements required to maintain the health of your teeth and gums at home.

Dental Services

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