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Braces and Orthodontic Plates

At 818 Dental our Orthodontic trained practitioners are passionate about creating beautiful smiles! We believe that all of our patients are entitled to the smile they desire and have several treatment options available to encompass the needs of you and your family.



Traditional fixed braces are generally prescribed for the treatment of misaligned teeth in adolescents and adults who have developed all of their permanent teeth.

Braces are the most common orthodontic procedure used to straighten misaligned teeth. They are used for mild, moderate and extreme cases of crowding and are the gold standard for orthodontics.

Braces involve having brackets securely cemented to the surface of each tooth. A wire is then threaded through the brackets and adjusted to gradually bring the teeth into alignment.

Review appointments are scheduled every 4 to 8 weeks to adjust the wire and to ensure that the teeth are aligning into the correct position.

Braces work effectively and unlike their removable counterparts do not rely on the patient’s compliance to straighten the teeth. Treatment times vary greatly depending on the severity of crowding present and can range from 1 to 3 years.


Orthodontic Plates

We offer orthodontic plates for children as young as eight.

Orthodontic plates are designed to direct the growth of the jaw to create space for newly erupting adult teeth and to gently encourage new teeth into correct alignment. In some cases, orthodontic plates can eliminate the need for further orthodontic intervention in the future.

Treatment involves taking impressions of the teeth to have a custom made appliance created. Each month we schedule a review appointment to have the appliance adjusted. This allows us to monitor the growth of the jaw and examine the movement of the teeth to ensure they are aligning correctly.

Treatment times are generally quick and depending on the severity of the case and the compliance of our young patients!


If you are interested in teeth straightening for yourself or your children please don’t hesitate to discuss the details further at your next appointment, or call us on 9509 1883.

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