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Dental Implants

When a tooth is lost, it’s not just the tooth that goes. Over time, the bone in which the tooth used to reside will recede. Conventional means of replacing lost teeth, such as bridges or dentures, do nothing to arrest this bone loss, because they don’t transmit any bite loads to the bone. Dental implants, however, make us of a titanium screw which is placed in the root position of a lost tooth, with a prosthetic tooth built upon it, looking and feeling just like a natural tooth. This sounds great – and it is – but it gets better. As well as titanium being fantastically strong, it turns out that human bone “loves” it. So as well as your bone receiving normal bite loads, it grows all the more sturdily in the immediate vicinity of the implant – just where we want it!

With so many benefits to the long term health of your bone, it’s little wonder that dental implants are an alternative to dentures or bridgework to which patients are turning in increasing numbers. Implant treatments can range from single implants, bearing a single tooth, to full mouth restorations using an array of implants. 818 Dental specialise in dental implants for Melbourne customers, specifically those who live in Armadale, Malvern, Toorak and Prahran.

How do I know if a dental implant is right for me?

Dental implants can be used successfully in a wide variety of cases. An essential prerequisite, though, is that you have sufficient healthy bone to house an implant. So we start with our in house radiography machine to get dental x-rays, which expose our patients to 80% less radiation than a standard machine. Once we have a clear picture of your facial anatomy, we’ll discuss the treatment options and costs.

What if I lost my teeth a long time ago?

If you have been without your teeth for some time, you may have suffered extensive bone loss, and need grafting before a suitable implant can be placed. to learn more about dental implants and our other dental works please contact us to discuss your options.

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